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Dreamland- feel free to stay

but don't expect anything

This Dreamer is full of wishful thinking and hopes for the past that could become our future.

Things that will tell you things about me:

I am a cat person!
Cats rule the world, we just have not realized it yet (we will eventually, because it is the truth) - think about what would happen to all the great minds and leaders out there, if their cats would be gone! Duh! So? Cats rule the world- I know!

I like snakes, jellyfish, snails, and other weird animals like sheep and ducklings too
Snakes are somehow very erotic, jellyfish just amaze me, with them keeping track of all their arms, and me in the meanwhile falling about my own two feet, snails are just underrated in general, sheep are weird, but spend a day with them and you will be so much calmer as before and ducklings? Do ducklings need a reason, isn't there yellow cuteness reason enough? .
Why is that important? I don't know I thought i would just share.

My favorite animals in the world: Zebras and Hippos.
Zebras are dressed for any occasion- I mean they can walk form a funeral to a party and no one would frown on them because hey, black and white stripes is always in vogue!
I think of Hippos as cute and very hug-able and so sweet. They are! Deal with that!

I study, a lot, most of the time, no matter what I say.
I am also interested in a lot of things. and talk a lot about them too.
Gaming eats in my studytime but I still like it.
I am very nice, and often taken advantage of, but not minding it very often. I try to learn to say no.
I am shy and try not to let people know, internet is a great place for that.
I am afraid of being rude, so i am over polite and come across as a little weird myself. You will always get more than just one Thank you from me.
I generally like to be alone, but sometimes I need company.
I like laughing and making jokes.
I am considered funny and nice by most of the people that I know- they also consider me a weird one.
I share what I am thinking, dreaming, knowing, wishing for without restraint- I think we would know so much more if we share more, even if it might be wrong.

I have no control about what these things tell you about me, that is a fact too. We both have to live with that.
Anyways if you are having any questions, ask and you shall receive an answer.

Something nice to look at before you go (see me is being nice right here):

keeping the 3rd spot for my own future jellyfishes!

my badges that i wear with pride
member of:

Age- Statement: I am over 21 years old!