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[Fic:] Chapter 11 Healer’s Appointment

Title: Chapter 11 Healer’s Appointment
Author : [personal profile] smirkingcat
Rating: PG-13
Word Count : 1.718
Notes: and the story goes on: find part one @lj, @dw
many thanks and gratitude to [personal profile] themightyflynn all the beta!
used for [community profile] hp_bunintheoven August prompt 1: Babyshower
Summary: Seeing the healer was more of an adventure than Blaise expected
Warnings: fluff, mpreg, D/s- subtext, OOC
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.

“Please disrobe and lie down on the bed,“ the healer said, before he discreetly left them alone.

Blaise stared after the healer with a frown in his face.

”Blaise?“ Severus asked, eyebrow raised.

”All my life, I have never had to disrobe as long as there was not something bleeding. Are you sure that he knows what he is doing?“

Blaise could not identify the stare Severus bestowed on him, as if he was the one saying something outlandish.
As Blaise raised his eyebrow at Severus, the man cleared his throat and finally answered: ”Narcissa assured me that he was the best in his field.“

”Well, that is a glowing endorsement from Mrs Malfoy, so let’s try this.“
Blaise removed his robe and his shirt with an easy spell, but stopped once again after he opened his trousers. ”Do you think I have to be completely naked?“
His cheeks were burning this time, because he felt like an imbecile, but this was such a strange situation for him.

”That won’t be necessary Mr Zabini. If you push the trousers down it should be fine,“ healer Montgomery replied, as he stepped back in, clipboard in hand.

”Right, thanks,“ Blaise answered and laid down.

”Let’s start with the routine examination first, shall we?“ the healer said in a friendly manner.

Blaise wanted to say, that he had no clue what that meant, but a sharp glare from Severus stopped him from lashing out. Most likely, this was for the better. He should not piss the healer off before the whole thing was done.

Healer Montgomery waved his wand over Blaise's stomach and then there was a projection right on the wall behind him.

”And there is your little one. About four inches, which is a bit small for sixteen weeks, but not unexpected in male pregnancies,“ the healer explained before he waved his wand again.

Blaise inhaled sharply, and his hand snatched out for Severus’ wrist when he heard the heartbeat of their baby for the first time.
His hand was moved so that it lay securely in Severus’. Severus did not move otherwise and seemed to stare as transfixed at the image as Blaise.

”Healthy and strong, which is good. Do you want to know the gender?“

”No, not yet,“ Blaise rushed to say, while squeezing Severus hand. Knowing the gender would only stress him more right now. He could not believe that this was real. His munchkin - and it was so – well, it was there, because it was just the shape of a baby. But he could also hear it. His munchkin was alive and doing well.

”Want to leave it for a surprise? No themed baby shower that way, but I might advise you will receive more thoughtful gifts if people know,“ the healer said understandingly.

Blaise rolled his eyes. Why would everybody assume that there would be a baby shower or that he would want one? He already had enough on his plate as the pregnant one.

”Now we come to the not so routine part. Most of the obstetricians rarely check for this, since it is such a rare thing to happen in witches or wizards. But I saw in your report that you were protecting with a potion containing both savin leaves and arnica roots,“ the healer explained while cancelling the projection.

This time it was Severus who inhaled sharply before he stared at Blaise.
Blaise shrugged his shoulders. He had said that this potion was good, and that it had not been his intention. The thing that Severus most likely did object too was that savin was one of the most volatile ingredients out there. Even muggle women used it, to kill off unwanted babies, and many of them died due to improper handling and wrong dosage. But in combination with arnica the toxicity level is multiplied by a factor of three. That was the biggest mistake the muggles did, in combining the two plants. It took educated potioneers nearly a century to figure out, that only the cooked arnica roots could be combined with savin. The combination is still very toxic, but that is why his mothers potion takes more than a week to make. And Blaise knows how to brew it by heart since his sixteenth birthday.

”That you are pregnant at all is a feat of your magic, especially considering that you are still able to use your magic,“ the healer said, laying his hand on Blaise’s stomach.

And then there was this discomforting feeling and Blaise could not help the jerk that went through his body.

”It is as I feared,“ healer Montgomery said and took his hand away quickly.

”You feared what?“ Blaise bit out. Because if the healer was going to test his patience now, he had something coming for him.

”Your womb and its placenta are slowly being disconnected from you. The potion started doing it’s work, as it was supposed to, so the starting point of that organ is weak and slowly disintegrating. It could hold until week twenty-four -six months- and we would be able to help the child then, but if it breaks earlier...“ the healer answered in a calm but to the point way.

This actually improved Blaise’s opinion of him, because at least now he knew and did not have to wonder.

”Is there something that can be done?“ Severus asked, making Blaise turn to him.

”It is as easy as it is complicated. If you, sir, would be willing to provide a bit of your magic so that we can tie the womb to the body and alleviate the strain on Mr Zabini’s magic, everything should be fine. But it comes with a huge catch: most wizards are not used to having the magic of someone else applied to them, especially their partner’s magic. How often does one cast a spell on a partner with long term effects and not just a short healing or prank? Although those count too. The body is simply not used to the magic of someone else, and it either is rejected immediately or over time. If the first, then we have to think about other options, if the second it will succeed in buying us enough time for everything to work out fine,“ the healer explained.

Blaise and Severus shared a long look. And as sure as Blaise saw the gleam in Severus’ eyes, he was certain Severus noticed his small smile.
This would be no problem for them at all.
He was so used to Severus casting spells on him; once he had left the spell on him for a month. Blaise was familiar with Severus’ magic.

”And if the rejection does not happen?“ Blaise asked slowly.

”Chances of that happening are extremely low. It can happen of course, but I do not want to give you false hope. However, if you were to be that fortunate, you will carry to term. And, if you wish, it will be my pleasure to help you bring a healthy child into this world,“ the healer said, a knowing smile on his lips.

Blaise felt his insides flinch a bit at the realisation that the healer must have heard him. But he was a Zabini and it would take more for him to have an outward reaction.
”When and how would you suggest doing this procedure?“ Severus asked, disturbing Blaise and the healer’s stare down.

”It can be done right away, it is not complicated at all. But usually I ask my patients to think about it until the next visit to be sure and to get comfortable with the idea of foreign magic in the body,“ the healer explained.

”And if we are sure now, and already know that it won’t be a problem? Would it have an adverse effect if we were to do it right away?“ Blaise asked.

The healer looked at the two of them as if trying to figure something out.
”Well, we can do it right now,“ he answered sounding a bit unsure, but then he nodded.

”You might want to sit down, Mr Snape,“ the healer advised and summoned a chair.
”You will feel the drain for the next couple of days, though I highly doubt that it will interfere with any spell work you might want to do, as long as it is not too extensive,“ healer Montgomery said before turning to Blaise.
”Mr Zabini, you should expect a feeling of wrongness, some said their entire body felt off. You may also think yourself heavier than you truly are. However, some also reported a feeling of closeness and safety for as long as they could enjoy the magic working in their bodies.“

Blaise shared another long look with Severus. Then Severus turned to the healer and said: ”Please begin.“

Healer Montgomery waved his wand in a very intricate pattern over Severus, until the wand tip started to glow in a slightly blue hue. The only sign that something was happening to Severus that Blaise could make out was the flare of Severus’ nose.
Then the healer repeated the pattern, but slightly modified as far as Blaise could make out, over his stomach.
Blaise inhaled sharply as the magic moved into his body. A small flow of it seemed to come from Severus and settle in himself, encouraged by the swift wand movement from the healer.
This did feel rather intimate
Unfortunately, his body was also trained to have a certain response to Severus’ magic.
Blaise started to breathe deeply, and focus on the reason why they were doing this, as to not have a reaction that would need a lot of explaining.
Out of the corner of his eye he could see a slight twitch to Severus’ lips, fighting a grin.
If they were alone right now, he would show Severus where he could shove his pleased attitude- and then enjoy the deserved punishment.
They were not, so he did not.
Instead Blaise just hoped that the healer would be done soon.

After a few more wand movements, the flow of magic seemed to be fading on its own. The healer did one more movement with his wand over Blaise’s stomach and then nodded.

”As far as I can see there has not been any immediate rejection.“

Chapter 12: @lj | @dw

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