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[Fic:] Not a Change, just an Adjustment

Title: Not a Change, just an Adjustment
Author : [personal profile] smirkingcat
Word Count :2.537
Notes: after forever i just wanted to write something, anything, so here it is. i wrote a thing, and it has my secret i want so, so much more of them everywhere- pair in them! please enjoy. also many thanks and gratitude to [personal profile] themightyflynn for all the grand support and beta reading she did for me *hugs*!
used for [community profile] hp_bunintheoven september prompt 1: flair for the dramatic

Summary: Blaise thought he knew what and why he was doing it. Severus taught him how wrong he was.
Warnings: fluff, mpreg, hints of D/s-relationship
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Blaise leaned back so the sunshine hit his face just right, when he moved slightly to the left. He resented the fact that, of all days today the weather had to be nice. But resentment never got anything accomplished, a lesson he luckily had learned by proxy, sharing a dorm with Draco. So, he decided to enjoy the sun and just face the rest as it was happening. He never learnt how to be in control anyway, most of the time, he just went along with things, never too involved. That was what made this so hard.

“I am not accustomed to being summoned by you, and I must say, I detest the notion even more, than when others try to summon me,” the slightly raspy voice said in it’s usual cold demeanour.

“Severus, thank you for coming.” Blaise stood up and slid off his sunglasses. “I took the liberty of ordering tea for you.”

“Tea? This will be interesting,” Severus replied before taking his seat. “I see that even in this lovely muggle neighbourhood you still are quick with some charms.”

Blaise had to fight his urge to eye-roll. “Must be the pureblood in me not allowing you, Sir, to taste cold tea,” he replied a little cheekily, but after the years they had spent together, he knew how to balance the edge, and land on the right side.

“Impudence will one day be the end of you, Blaise.”

“I am my mother’s son. She will be killed by greed, I by pride. It has some sort of justice to it,” Blaise jokes lazily.

“You are not one for undeserved pride though. So, now that the small talk is done, will you tell me why I am sitting here, instead of working on my potion?” Severus asked, getting to the point.

Blaise was half surprised, that their talk has lasted this long. After a deep breath, he pulled out a folded leather collar. The leather was soft and shiny all around, and he knew it fit him like nothing he'd ever wore before or will wear again. Pushing it across the small table and letting go of it, his own fingers fought the motion, releasing ever so slowly.

“I came to return this.” His voice broke. Damn but this was hard.

After eleven years, four months and fourteen days -he counted the time whilst waiting for Severus to arrive- he really didn’t think he would ever find such a good thing again. Never to mention that it had taken him all of the seventh year and the eighth year to get Severus to accept him in the first place.

In the first years of their relationship, when Severus had always doubted that he was what Blaise truly wanted, when he was mean, just to show that he could be, but he had also been the best Sir there could ever be. He pushed Blaise only as far as he really could take it.
Fuck, he was going to never have that again.
“May I at least demand a explanation, since I am certain you know what this means?” Severus asked, staring at the black leather with surprise, before he looked at Blaise nonchalantly.

But Blaise now could read his body like a potion instruction Severus himself had taught him to decipher: the strain in the neck, the slight hunch in the shoulders, the slight downwards draw of the lips. Severus was hurt, and felt that he had done something wrong.
Oh, how laughable the mere idea was. Severus was so much more than Blaise had imagined.
At first, he had approached him because somehow he got a vibe from him, then he stayed because he could trust him, and then... it had become so much more for him. For them, he was sure.
But there were rules, there were borders, lines to not be crossed.

“I’m pregnant. Eleven weeks along. And I can’t... I know the option, but I won’t take it. I know, of course, the hilarity of my current situation, given who my mother is, but I will not change it,” Blaise said with all the fake confidence the balls, teas, and meetings in pure-blood society have taught him.

“Pregnant? But the spell you used-”

“Yes; I am aware that I told you that it was fool-proof; apparently my mother doesn’t know all. And no, Sir, I can assure you, I have never forgotten to cast it. It has become part of our ritual after all.”

Blaise couldn’t believe the indignity of it all. The only thing his mother ever taught him personally: the spell to not get girls pregnant, and to not get him pregnant. She was so proud of it; said it worked every time. She said it was the reason that he must know how wanted he was, and how much she loved his father. After all, otherwise he would not be here. Last week's discovery made him doubt that, not enough to contact his mother, who currently lived with husband twenty-three or twenty-six?- who could keep count anymore - in Spain.

“Of course I will share the parental rights with you, and you can visit whenever you like, or I will send it your way. I can even move closer to your house. Luckily, you are no longer Headmaster. I would hate to move to Scotland, it gets awfully cold,” Blaise joked.

Three years previously, Severus said he had had enough of being Headmaster. Although he was still younger than most of those who held the position before him. They have never really talked about it, but Blaise figured that after moving out of that castle, Severus managed to stand taller, and there was a relaxation in his body. Maybe it was because he had proven that he could be a very good Headmaster for a whole generation.

“Are you done with speaking nonsense, or is there more left, where that all came from?” Severus asked, brow raised, but tone sharp like a knife.

“It’s not nonsense if you think about it. I won’t be able to do it the way we both ne-like it,” Blaise corrected himself.
He had never managed to figure out if Severus really needed it after all, he just knew that he liked it. Severus enjoyed their rough play, and to be the one who says what, when, where, how. Blaise accepted it, and it made sense, especially after all the talks they had about what it was like to be a spy, and work for two masters who both believed they were right.

“I believe I made an error in judgement. I thought you cleverer than this.”
The condescending way in which Severus said that, cut Blaise deep. He had always taken pride in the fact that sometimes there were moments when he felt like Severus was talking to him like an equal, when he valued Blaise's input, and did not detest it like from his previous masters, or ignore it as the musings of some unimportant child.

“Please, don't say that,” Blaise whispered softly.
This was turning into such a mess, and the strong hold he had on his feelings seemed to be slipping away, further and further.

“Stand up,” Severus commanded, and got up himself, the collar put away in his pocket.

“What? Why?” Blaise asked while still doing what he was ordered to do. Severus grabbed his arm and dragged him down some ally, before they disappareted.

“Severus! What's gotten into you?” Blaise nearly shrieked, because he was not prepared for that. What if something had gone wrong? Not that Severus would ever make a mistake at something like apparition, but still, it was about the principle.

“Your idiocy most likely,” Severus commented dryly, before he stepped to the drinks trolley, and poured himself a drink.

Blaise looked at the familiar surroundings, before he sat down on the sofa, leaving as much distance to what he came to know as “his spot” as the small room would allow. Severus' home was not known for its endless space. And even the added wizard space did very little for the place, except make it possible for Severus to keep all his books, and still have a place to brew.

“I don’t understand why you should be the one to be allowed a drink, when I am the one who has the problem and has to give up something I worked bloody hard for. Even my Newts were easier than seducing you. I aced them even while attempting to seduce you. Twice!” Blaise complained like a spoiled child.

Given the circumstances he figured he had limited time for that trademark behaviour of his. Behaviour Severus knew how to handle in ways which were so pleasurable that Blaise was going to miss them the most.

“Yes, you insufferable brat, as I am the one who has to deal with you, your news and your poor decision-making-skills, I think I deserve a drink.”

Blaise took a good look at Severus before he leaned back, getting more comfortable: “I think my flair for the dramatics is rubbing off on you.”

“A side effect that can’t be helped. It has been more than a decade.” Severus answered and emptied the tumbler filled with the golden liquid of good scotch in one go, before he came over and sat down next to Blaise.

“Best thing I ever did in my life,” he agreed, staring at his fingers.

He was a society gentleman: no real job, no real talent. His interest in things never last to the end, though he had tried different things through the years, since he had the money and the time. When he looked at his friends, he sometimes wondered if his life had not been way too easy. If he should have caused at least one big scandal, which would have forced him to change something. But then it never seemed worth the trouble, and Severus had his way of keeping him from getting bored.

“As you finally seem to be done talking nonsense, we might focus on the important things first.”

“Important things? According to you, this means potions as far as I remember,” Blaise had to interrupt. He was a prat, therefore he wouldn’t let such an opportunity slide.

“Naturally, which will be to your benefit, as it often was in the past, since you will be needing quite a lot of potions in your future. What did the Healer say?” Severus asked, straight forwardly.

“You mean besides: 'Congratulations, you are pregnant'?” Blaise joked and grinned at Severus, who just raised his eyebrow at him.

Blaise sighed. “I wager he said quite a lot, I just didn’t listen and didn’t care.” He shrugged and turned away. It had been too much of an unwanted surprise.

“When is your next appointment?” Severus asked further, after he'd let the silence sit for some moments, to let it make his point. It was a good point, too.

“Not sure, I figured I would be going back later on,“ he stated non committally.

“I shall make an appointment for next week for us, before you drain yourself too much,” Severus simply stated.

Then he reached into his pocket and took out the leather collar. “Are you sure you want to give this back? I will of course accept your decision, but I think you are misjudging your position and situation.”
Severus’ voice was soft, with that warm baritone working its way through Blaise's mind.

“It will get messy, in more ways than just the obvious ones. I've never stayed here for more than a few days at a time. And really your house, while very eccentric just like you, is nothing I can see my child growing up in. It’s a pure danger-zone from roof to cellar. With the lack of doors, you would never get any silence. I mean, I can be silent but not all the time and a baby, Severus a baby is anything but silent,” Blaise argued, while trying to figure out how he could slap himself without being seen, so he would stop! If he could stay, of course he wanted to. His life was much more entertaining and comfortable around Severus.

“Yes, that is what I came to understand as a teacher. Children rarely value silence. In fact, there is some sort of rule breaking going on when they are silent,” he answered gravely, making Blaise role his eyes.

Though, to be fair it was hard to sneak something past Severus, he just chose wisely which battles to fight, and which deeds to punish. Mostly those who put the students themselves or others into danger were the ones that drew his attention.

“As for the house, I can see how a move would be beneficial. This is also not the friendliest neighbourhood, and I am certain that you would like our child to have some wizard friends. I am sure you will be able to find some very nice houses we will be able to look at and then decide.” Severus nodded satisfied.

“Oh, I see, so you will be able to blame me once you are dissatisfied with something?”

“No, I just believe that you are vastly superior in social matters and will be able to track eligible houses down faster than I, so that we can come to a solution soon, as this has an expiry date,” Severus countered, covering a fond smile in his wicked grin.

“Well then. I hope you are prepared for what is coming your way. Because believe me, in my family I am the easy one,” Blaise said nonchalantly.

He might just have agreed to start a family with Severus Snape, but at least he did not have to meet his own mother for the first time after that decision.

“Oh, I can just imagine how easy you are, when handled right. And you are forgetting that I have met most of your family before,” Severus said leaning closer.

“Yeah but back then you weren't meeting them as my partner. You see, my mother can be really peculiar sometimes when it comes to me.” Blaise grinned. “Though I wager that is what our child will say in the future about you, too. So maybe you will be alright after all.”

“I think that someone needs to be taught the rules again, starting from the very first one.” Severus spoke softly, nearly touching Blaise’s lips as he spoke. “And as you did not remember them the first time, I guess it will take me even longer the second time. Am I right, Pet?”

Blaise had to wet his lips, and drag his eyes up from Severus’ lips to the dark, intense eyes. “You are, Sir. It will take forever to make them truly stick,” he answered voice rough.

Oh, how he wished to kiss those full lips, but Severus just let him sit there and wait, as if he was any good at waiting!

“Such a good boy you are,” Severus teased, stroking his hand through Blaise’s hair. “As a reward, you get to choose: Do you want me to kiss you, or should I collar you?”
It was not hard to choose at all.

Chapter 2 @dw | @lj

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