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01 June 2017 @ 09:16 am
the sick cat being here for a life sign ...  
hello my dear f-list!
i am really, really sick ever since monday came around (and even before that but i tried to not be) and therefore i was not around and wish happy birthday to a lot of ppl- i did not forget you, but i simply was not on the pc because even today i am still not really healthy! and being sick sucks because all i do is sleep and be smelly and it sucks...


Happy belated Birthday
[personal profile] tryslora, [profile] anlama, [personal profile] create_serenity, [personal profile] ustorycollector and [personal profile] lyonessheart!
I wish you all the best, much health fun and laughter in your future and i hope you had an amazing birthday! all the best for this new life-year and that you may have great times ahead!
i did not forget about you... it was just my body not letting me really do anything!

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