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[Fic:] To meet you again 1

Title: To meet you again 1/25
Author: smirkingcat
Word Count: 322
Rating: G
Prompt: first prompt:
Warning: unbetaed, and there might be something in the future, i will let you know - but for a fact there will be angst!
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: this will be the first step i take on my journey through december and i am not yet sure where it will go. however i would be happy if you join me on the way!

To meet you again 1

Technically speaking there were good and bad days in every life.
However Harry was pretty sure that being the great "Harry Potter, saviour of all" entitled him to more worse days than most.

"Harry! Look at all this snow! It's so white and it's everywhere. It's sparkling!"

Harry smiled weakly as he turned to were the joyous, childlike voice had come from.
"Yes, I noticed. Lot's and lot's of snow. Now if you hurry up a bit, you might get to play with Teddy in the snow, before you have to return," Harry spoke as he stopped to wait. Too late he noticed his mistake.

"Teddy?" came an insecure reply, "do I... do I know him? Will he be nice to me? Will he hurt me?"

Harry's heart ached. It was really going to be one of the worse days.

"Yes, Draco. You know him. You like to play with him every Thursday. And think back this summer we went to the beach with him, and he would wear green hair for you all day. You like his green hair." Harry couldn't help the pleading sound of his voice.

Draco stopped in front of him, brows in a deep frown.
"Green hair? I like green? I... but... but green is the colour of danger," Draco shrieked suddenly, his button lip trembling, before he shook his head. "No nonono, I can't remember him! And... and I- I ... who are you? What are we doing here?"

By now the panic had taken Draco completely over and he was shaking violently.

Worst day!

"Okay, sshhh. Nothing to worry," Harry spoke softly and took Draco by his elbow. He pushed the both of them in a small alleyway, to apparate back to St Mungos.
The last thing he saw was the red, snow covered call box, in the near empty street.
In a different life, this might have been a very nice snow day, indeed.

To meet you again 2
Tags: challenge, fanfiction, pairing: hpdm, slythindor100's 25 days of christmas, verse: to meet you again

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