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28 November 2016 @ 09:43 pm
[Podfic:]Not Quite Entirely unlike Tea {Happy Birthday this_bloody_cat}  
Happy belated birthday this_bloody_cat!!!
i wish you all the best, lots of good luck, health, fun and cake!
you might be used to it by now, my gifts always come in late, so i hope you will be happy with this little thing i did, and i hope it will make your day as enjoyable as working on it has made it for me! and i hope you enjoy being part of my first ever tri-factor- posting! *hugs* please enjoy!

Title: Not Quite Entirely unlike Tea
Author: this_bloody_cat
Reader: smirkingcat
Rating: R
Length: 08:30 min
Summary: Figuratively speaking, Draco wins all the tricks.
Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Reader's Notes: This is also for my podfic bingo square: "Read Animatedly"
Disclaimer:Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
CC: le conte du poisson magique by Bluemillenium

The cover takes you to the .mp3 download and here you find the .m4b.

Current Mood: energeticenergetic
this_bloody_cat on November 29th, 2016 10:34 am (UTC)

ASDFGHOMG!!! This story!! I remember writing it for dicta_contrion! And then made her beta. Cough. But this is amazing!! :D Well, I mean, thank you! Thank you so much! :B :B

Edited at 2016-11-29 10:35 am (UTC)
smirkingcatsmirkingcat on November 29th, 2016 09:10 pm (UTC)
i'm so glad you liked it <3
*does the happy dance*
if not for the title this one was the one i wanted to do first, but i think all the experience i got during the last year made this one better than it would have been for my first try! so i am glad that you enjoyed it!