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well... that was a week

a week where a lot happened, some good, some bad some meh...

most importantly i passed my graduation exam, my thesis held, i was able to answer questions, i am DONE with my 2nd study, and i am never going back to university ever agian!!!!
that was the good part, because it really was good, sooo good that of course the bad had to happen, because i still can't catch a break... somehow.
i am back into money worries, and can hopefully relax a bit on monday, but no promises there... we will see, and that is such a damn situation, because right now i do not have the time to apply for jobs, because i have so much to do in my project... but apply i will, tomorrow starts the applying marathon...

the meh is that there is a job i kinda want a lot, because it is my speciality and my dream-job, but the company is not contacting me, because they hope for someone better, but also not refusing me, because they might not get anybody better... which means i dont have to wait for them, because i could wait around for forever... better get something i can do now

on the plus side my project is moving forward, so i will have a very intense week next week, and an even more intense and off-line no internet week in the last week of july... life will be interesting i dare say.

also, i kinda fell of my routine (again, again, again - how can i call it a routine when i am not doing it?) but i want to get back into it, because i feel much better doing so, however that is easier said than done, what with it being already past midnight here and i am not in bed (again)

i am kinda tired all the time, and falling asleep everywhere, and then the next moment, i am awake and stressed and fumbling and stumbling to get all that has to be done, done... it is exhausting and totally not the life i want, but for now it is the life i get.

i hope you are all doing good,
i hope there will be more of me to read in the future (i shall make my best attempt)

and good night

physics is drunk

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