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well and then the end got super close

so, i was gone for the weekend, because of fathers day,
and then i stayed a day longer, as to not do monday morning traffic to the capital, as it is insane, and i wanted to spend more time with miniscule dog, who loves me a lot, the tiny rat!

so my thesis got an A!!!!
can you even believe that, because i cant, as i am well aware for the mistakes in it... which are horrible and a lot *sigh*
but well it is an A, awesome and i am happy;

also i passed my law exam with a C so now only the tiny project needs to be done and handed in, and then i have big final exam on the 6th or 7th;
and then i can be productive member of society again *fingers crossed i will find job*

well, with this news out of the way, i should be back to the regular program tomorrow ^^
hope to see you all there, and hope to catch up with you soon <3

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