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it is done

and i am never doing it again!!!!!

it took a fucking HUGE team

-to which i want to say THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH !!!! where would i be without you, i am truly grateful for your support -

to get me through the writing of this seconded thesis in computer science
and my 4th thesis over all - and if you believe i change anything since the first one you are truly mistaken: i wrote all of them in what amounts to basically 3 days per thesis.

i am crazy, and i have huge issues obviously, but i handed it in with 7 hours to spare. sadly i was not able to finish a first draft for my prof to see... so this time i can not say which grade he will give me, but at this point in time i take everything that is not failing... i dont care any more

i only have one other project due, that i have yet to start, and that is due on the 18 and i want to start this week wednesday.
tomorrow i want to put my sommer clothes out and my winter clothes away, and clean my pantry with especially putting order to my pantry as that is REALLY needed...

then i need to look for job to do now with fancy degree...
and then i need to do job i am paied for currently and have neglected
also my aunt has a problem with her email - and i am unable to fix it....
so still much to be done
i also have to make a presentation for my final final final exam that has to be presented to a commission
not thinking about that now....

any-husle i hope you all had a nice time... yes, i am back and i hope we can have more fun again ^^
hope you have a nice week start (we all know how I feel about tmorrow XD

i live mushu

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