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i was gone.... because life

but now i am back... because life
funny how things play out in the end, i dare say.

so, hello how are you?
i hope you and your loved ones are all save and that you are not yet going mental because well it is over a year now, remember when they talked about 14 days? yeah, well that turned out marvelous. to be fair, i myself am not really suffering so much, nothing really changed except that i dont go to school physically anymore (which makes me sick of learning at home);
my apprenticeship is also over now, that is a plus, because it didnt go as well as i hoped, but over all it was what i needed when i needed it, so i count myself lucky!
also also my region is in hard, hard lockdown again; no shopping, no meeting, no nothing... BUT i went to my parents, there they arent in such a strickt lockdown, and as long as that is the case i stay here. i got tested twice a week while at apprenticeship, and i was negative, and tomorrow i will take my first at home test, that will be interesting too, but we want to go to my grandparents for easter, so it is a must!

as for life... i dont really know what happened in feb and march; i can remember loads of complaining ([personal profile] themightyflynn and [personal profile] lyonessheart and many ppl over at discord can tell you how much complaining there was XD""") loads of mangas (up to 25 vols one series... and i read so many series *upps*) some animes... not actually there was very little anime overall, and being extremely busy with work, with school, with life.... also i really started missing my friends, but i had no time to meet them, and now that i am allowed there is a lockdown... but we are chatting, so that is something i guess.... not nearly enough!

as for the studying - i got a studygroup going, that helps a lot, and i got a complaining group going as well, where we meet and went, and then motivate us again, we made it so that one member of us managed to send her application of to cern!!! i am so proud of her, because she was really debating going for it, and now she did it! its awesome.

otherwise... this is really all i have to say, this was my life the last two months. with this i am all caught up, and hope i can do my daily lists again
quick question: should i do a filter for that? are my daily posts going to annoy you?

have a very happy easter!!!!

also, do i have any aussie friends left here, who could send me something weird?
i would pay for it and the shipping of course!
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