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[Fic:] Not a change, just an Not a Change, just an Adjustment Chapter 28

Title: Chapter 28 Friends Are The Enemies We Choose For Ourselves
Author : [personal profile] smirkingcat
Rating: NC-17
Word Count : 3.384
find part one lj, dw
as usual all the thanks and gratitude to [personal profile] themightyflynn for the beta, who is sticking with me through the good, the bad, the exasperated and everything else
used for [community profile] hp_bunintheoven March 2020 prompt 2: Proposal
Summary: Dinner with Blaise's friends, but before there is any food there are a lot of questions.
Warnings: fluff, flangst, mpreg, D/s- subtext, OOC, heavy future angst planned
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 28 Friends Are The Enemies We Choose For Ourselves

It was with some trepidation that Blaise stepped out of the fireplace at Pansy's. Trepidation because he was not sure how it would go with his friends, or how it would go with Severus. Usually he did not tend to worry about such things, but apparently being pregnant changed even that part of him.

"There you are. I hoped I would catch you before you made your great entrance. Hello Severus, how are you doing?" Draco said as he entered the small entree room to greet Severus and Blaise.

"Draco. I am not aware that you were ever interested in how I am doing, what are you aiming for? I thought I taught you as a child not to beat around the bush."

"Oh come on, SeverusI thought the idea of impending parenthood would have changed you somehow. In a way it is still weird to imagine you having been with Blaise for so long, but if you are happy together, I want to be happy for my godfather and my best friend."

Most likely neither Severus nor Draco noticed it at the time, but Blaise felt a rather odd shock to be called Draco's best friend. He was certain that, ever since sixth year Draco no longer considered him his best friend. Despite that, Blaise's opinion of Draco had never changed.

But Blaise had no time to consider that thought further, because he was well aware that both Draco and Severus were able to have a debate over nothing just for debates sake. And though he didn't mind most of the time, today he had no intention of letting them continue.

"You wanted to see me for something specific then, Draco?"

"Oh, yes. If you have a moment," Draco said and led Blaise further away from Severus, before he showed him a big grin. "I just wanted to make sure that you know that you owe me something big."

"I owe you? For what exactly?" Blaise asked, both surprised and suspicious. As far as he knew, he had no outstanding debts, in fact he remembered with quite some accuracy that Draco still owed him one or three favours.

"Well, I convinced Harry to join us later. As, given the situation, it might be beneficial for you to add the distraction later on, and not in the beginning. Pansy can be like a dog with a bone," Draco explained. "And she might actually skin you, if she ever finds out, that Harry knew before her. Not that that was your fault, but still."

"Well, if Harry doesn't show up on time, I will just have to make sure to let Pansy know what you think of her," Blaise replied. He said it more to hide his confusion about the gesture than he really meant it.

"Are we supposed to go somewhere?" Severus cut into their discussion.

Blaise hid a smile as he saw how Draco stiffened as if he had just remembered that Severus was in the room with them.

"Certainly, Severus, I shall lead you to the salon. It would be a shame to miss their stares."

"Manners, Draco. They are your friends and you would not like them to retaliate in kind."

"I would never give them any reason; you and father taught me better. I shall just enjoy the fact that I shared a secret with my best friend for a short while. Also, I expect that I have to defend Blaise for quite some time to come, so at least let me enjoy the moment of surprise when you enter the room," Draco replied.

Blaise sighed silently. Draco's words rang more than true. He was not sure how Draco got over the issue so fast, but neither Pansy or Theo would be inclined to do the same. And Greg was going to be hurt like a puppy and wondering if he had been too stupid to be included in the secret, or not trustworthy enough. It was going to be a mess, and Blaise was going to need Draco's help.

"I am certain that your friends will be able to understand reason. As I remember, Mister Nott especially was prone to act against his own intuition in favour of cold reasoning, unlike his capricious father," Severus countered as he followed Draco out of the room.

Blaise was not surprised that Severus remembered such a minute detail about Theo. It had driven him mad more than once, especially in sixth year potions. Blaise never had a real argument why one ingredient would work as the substitute for another, but he had been certain that it would. However, if he had not prepared at least a ten inch explanation on the how's and why's, his ideas were only under consideration until they could decide. It meant they had to redo most of the projects. It had also led to Blaise now being rather proficient with preparing bases for nearly all common potions. It was the details in the finishing steps that he still struggled with.

He wondered, however, if Severus remembered the fact because of his role as head of house and professor to Theo, his role as a spy, and because of Theo's father, or just because information was what Severus ultimately sought.

His musings were cut short when they reached the salon and the voices from the inside were already audible. Apparently, someone had annoyed Pansy. At least, going by her tone of voice, Blaise guessed that she was annoyed. It would be interesting to see if he would make her evening better or worse.

"Ah Draco, I thought you were getting- Professor, it has been a long time," Pansy said.

Blaise, who had entered after Severus, was rather impressed with how smooth Pansy could be, if she wanted. Greg, on the other hand, seemed to struggle with getting up and offering his seat, or taking a sip of his drink. Blaise took a deep breath before he stepped in front of Severus.

"Good evening, Pansy, Greg, Theo. I am sure you all remember my partner for this evening. However, let me take a moment to introduce you again to Severus Snape, my companion. Severus, these are my friends, Pansy Parkinson and her fiancé Theodore Nott, and Gregory Goyle," Blaise introduced them smoothly.

"That is quite some news you've got there," Theo said, as Pansy slowly sat down.

"Actually-" Blaise started but was unsure how to go on. Was it right to just drop the big news then and there?

"It is rather presumptuous, Mister Nott, to consider me, or the relationship I engage in with Blaise as news," Severus said, and the grin that was on his lips was surprising to Blaise. Was Severus enjoying this?!

"Considering the social situation we find ourselves in, Headmaster, I think it is acceptable to be called by my given name. I was never particularly attached to my family name in the first place."

"Theodore then, and please feel free to call me Severus, as I think we both share the low consideration of our family names."

Severus was definitely enjoying this! Blaise was certain, he just was not sure why.

The next thing that happened was that Draco sat down next to Greg and said to Pansy: "So is there a new creation you have for us to taste today?"

That seemed enough to wake everybody from their shock. Pansy swished down her short skirt before she answered. "Certainly, I would never dare to disappoint you darling, but I think before we get to toast we shall hear the news, so that we have something to toast to." The grin she threw in Blaise's direction was all teeth, and the first sign that she would get her claws in to him.

Usually, not that anything about this particular situation was usual, in social settings his mind would come up with any sort of solution: some flowery phrase, some polite small talk. But right now Blaise's mind was empty. He had no idea how he was going to explain the pregnancy.

"Maybe Blaise needs a drink first? Must be quite some news," Greg said, clearly intending it to be helpful. "Don't think his mum is getting married again? I mean we got used to that around second year, right?"

Blaise liked his friends, he did. He accepted the good and the bad, but sometimes, he wished he had been better at teaching them some form of respect.

"There will be no drinks in Blaise's near future, I am sorry to say," Severus said and there was a teasing note at the end.

"Oh, really. What on earth could prevent the man of leisure that Blaise has grown up to be, from the sort of entertainment he gets from drinking ?" Theo joked easily.

"Sacred vessels should not consume lesser drinks," Severus said. He stepped closer to Blaise, and leaned forward as if to whisper something into Blaise ear, only that nothing was said. Instead a long finger traveled down his spine, leaving behind a hot trail.

Blaise tried to fight the flush, but he was certain it was a losing battle. Also, he found it unfair that now, months later, Severus was using his 'sacred vessel' comment against him. He should never underestimate Severus' memory.

"So, are you partaking in some sort of ritual?" Greg asked, leading to Draco laughing in an undignified way while trying not to slip from the sofa

"In a manner of speaking, you are not wrong, Mister Goyle."

"Oh- eh, well, Greg... I mean, I like my family fine, but you know," Greg stammered.

"I understand. You too may call me by my given name. And to speed up the processes, Miss Parkinson, the same applies for you."

"How kind of you, Severus. Indeed, this speeds things up nicely, and I am happy to be called Pansy, but I think we all now want to hear the big news."

"I will murder you in your sleep for this, just you wait and see," Blaise muttered under his breath before he stepped away from a highly amused Severus. "As I was trying to say, before you all were overwhelmed by Severus' charm, is that I am pregnant. And of course due to the change in circumstances, Severus and I have moved into my family home," Blaise said as haughtily as he could.

"That indeed counts as quite some news," Theo said, leaning further back in his chair.

"Never expected you to be the first to start a family," Greg said, with a bit of a wistful tone.

Draco elbowed him carefully."I am certain you will get your three kids sooner rather than later. And with Blaise's child around, you have someone around to practice, to see if you really want three kids. And you can be the nice uncle, between Theo and me, and Severus as the other father, that is highly needed."

"May I remind you that I was around to change your nappies, and saw you waddle for the first time?"

"Things nobody needs to know. Also, I can't remember criticising you. I just said that Greg will be a rather positive influence on that child. Will you two finally sit down, it is annoying watching you both stand there," Draco said, a bit defensively, because apparently he had forgotten that Severus had been rather involved in his upbringing.

"Certainly, if you tell us to sit down, Draco, how can we refuse," Blaise said but waited for Severus to move first. Severus threw him a knowing grin, but then sat down on the sofa opposite Theo.

"Well, this made for an unexpected opening, to an already interesting evening. I guess this calls for some champagne," Pansy stated.

"Oh, do we have to? The only one who likes your champagnes isn't even able to drink one," Greg said, a bit too fast.

"I agree, sweetheart. But I would not mind if you break out the good bourbon that should be down in the cellars," Theo suggested.

"Oh, you heathens, Draco, say something," Pansy said.

"Greg is right. Only Blaise is willing to indulge you with your sparkling wine drinks. But if you want to make it a nice cocktail for me, I shall do you the favour to drink it."

"Severus, at least you can understand the need for a celebratory drink, right?" Pansy asked.

Blaise just shook his head ever so slightly, trying to hide his grin.

Given the choice, Severus would drink water before he drank sparkling wine. That is why Narcissa most likely never gave him a choice.

"I must disappoint you, and agree with Theodore. A good glass of bourbon would be celebration enough. Once the child is born, I am certain Blaise will share a glass of champagne with you," Severus said smoothly, putting his hand on Blaise's knee.

Blaise nearly jumped due to the familiar touch in such an unfamiliar setting. They never touch in front of people they know. Well, there had been some moments with the Malfoy family. Still, this was weird, because it was him, and his friends. To his friends he was the forever bachelor. So much so that it had become a joke, once Draco had brought Harry. To have them know that he had an arrangement turn into relationship for his whole adult life was going to be hard. But maybe it would not come up if they just continued with the baby? And if Harry didn't show up too late.

"I am sorry Pansy, but I promise you, I shall take you out to one very fine champagne testing next year. You will love it, we can stay in the poshest hotel you can find," Blaise offered.

"Sounds like the closest thing you will ever get to a Ladies Night, if you ask me." Theo grinned.

"Well, I am not. And I do have lady friends-"

"-they are just boring, and get drunk far too easily." Greg, Draco, Theo and Blaise ended the sentence for her.

"Well, they do. At the last Ball it was your Mother, my Mother, that distant Rosier cousin, that now calls herself by some muggle name, and I that were not drunk. You can't imagine how I suffered. Even now I wish I had been drunk."

Draco laughed. "You will never beat my mother father tries every now and then. It never ends well."

"But wasn't Blaise's mum even worse? That one party, where your mum said she has to excuse herself?"

"Greg, we do not talk about the femme fatale. It is not polite," Theo admonished.

"Please, don't start this again. I know what is said about her, far better than you will ever know. But she is my mother, and well, as long as you don't go into details I am rather unbothered. Especially as I myself have lost count. I believe we are in the thirties, but if it is thirty-one or thirty-three is anyone's guess." Blaise shrugged. "Or we may be on twenty-nine. Some of her muggle men really managed to hang on for quite some time."

"Not that most of them ever met you."

"Well, thank my mother for that. Imagine how that would have gone down, what with her forgetting her own age regularly? I would say let's drink to that, but we talked about that," Blaise laughed.

"Right. Drinks. Greg larger as usual?"

Greg nodded in reply to Pansy's question. Pansy then proceeded to mix a cocktail for Draco and herself. She also poured a larger for Greg, and brought some juice for Blaise. Theo offered Severus a neat glass of bourbon. It was then, that Blaise allowed himself to relax. This was not so bad, right? Sure, it was still a bit weird, and there was some unusual tension in the room. But it was nice having Severus here with him.

"Well then, congratulations," Theo said first, and the others repeated.

Blaise saw the exact moment that Pansy realised what was going on. The frowns on her face, the thinning of her lips. It was not just Blaise coming here saying he was pregnant. It was Blaise coming here with Severus, saying he was pregnant, after years of claiming to be a bachelor. After all the flirting Pansy had seen on numerous social occasions.

After everybody placed their glass back on the table, Blaise knew that the moment of peace was over.

"So, tell us how this happened. We are all dying to know, what made you settle down, Blaise. And first out of all of us. Theo and I are still arguing a date, after all," Pansy said, showing her claws in various ways in just one sentence.

"I am not sure as to how to explain the how to you know. I was under the impression that you learned that in fifth year, and if not, I think that duty - or shall I say pleasure? - now falls to Theo. As for the settling down, it is just a consequence of the change of circumstances. Adjustments have to be made, after all," Blaise answered in a way that he hoped was as evasive and clever as he hoped.

"That was nearly elega-"

"If you want to play this game, then let me ask you outright. Since when have you been in a relationship?"

Damn. He should have known it; he should have tried to direct her somewhere else. Blaise peered at Draco. When was Harry supposed to arrive? However, Draco was not looking at him and Greg was staring at him with too much interest.

"Are you sure you want to inquire that now?" Blaise asked, as he became aware of Severus right next to him. They might want to skin him, and have a win over him. But they would never dare to imply anything about Severus. He had been there for all of them as their head of house. He was strict, fair, and didn't suffer fools. Also, never expect him to mollycoddle you. But he helped them with all their problems and he shielded them, as best as he could, given their families and circumstances.

Theo grinned before laying a hand on Pansy's arm. "Maybe Pansy was unfortunate with how she worded things."

Blaise was not sure what it was: the way Theo said that, or the twitch around Severus lips. Maybe it was also his intuition, warning him that Theo would not make such a simple mistake.

"We all just wonder when your feelings for Severus started, as you never told us about them. Or, in fact, told us that you were seeing him?" Theo asked.

Blaise did not even have a chance to fight the blush, or the tension creeping in his body. It was also that tension that made him very much aware of the flower that was still teasing him, and the words Severus had written all over him mere hours ago.

"Yes, Blaise, tell us what made you fall in love with the illustrious Severus Snape," Draco agreed readily, that traitor.

It was the soft snort coming from next to him that made everything worse.

"You are all terrible friends. Normal friends would never ask such a thing," Blaise tried to get out of the situation.

"But the question still stands, and we all would like to hear your answer," Severus said, enjoying the whole situation too much for Blaise's comfort.

But then Blaise remembered how he snuck into the headmaster's office, bath, and bedroom. How he had tried to seduce Severus. And the way it felt that first time, as Severus had taken him seriously.

"I can tell you, certainly," Blaise said, looking at Severus. "However, that information does not come so cheap, after all. I will suffer for it, for years to come. So, Severus, why not make a deal?" Blaise could feel the stares of his friends on him, but he didn't mind. This may be entertaining for his friends, but it was about much more. When Severus met his eyes, he understood that he was not the only one thinking that way.

"Valuable information never comes cheap, I find. State your terms," Severus said.

To Blaise's friends, this may have sounded like a spy negotiation, but Blaise could see the spark of amusement in Severus' eyes.

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