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[Fic:] 25 days - Day 25

Title: The first Time you attended a ball together
Author: [personal profile] smirkingcat
Word Count: 418
Rating: PG
Prompt: mistletoe
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: I am really stuffed and tired from Christmas… and I hope you can say the same <3
also also also: made it yet another year!!! *is proud of herself*
thanks to [personal profile] themightyflynn, [personal profile] lyonessheart and [personal profile] esteliel for all the idea bouncing and listening to me whine about it!!!
and thanks to [personal profile] enchanted_jae & & [personal profile] lijahlover for reading and leaving always so nice comments <3

Harry, as The Saviour and The Boy who lived Twice, both names he loathed, had always received a lot of invitations for all sorts of different events in the wizarding world. Most of them hosted either by the ministry, St Mungo's, all sorts of charity organisations, and some wealthy old families. None of them interested him. He preferred his evening at home.

That had changed last year, when Draco found an invitation to the Snowball hosted by some private club with attendance being invite only. It was apparently one of the really traditional balls, and the Malfoy's had been invited since the first ball, but Draco never got to go because he was not old enough. And obviously now the Malfoys no longer received an invitation.

So, this year, Harry told Draco to dress nicely as they would be going out today. Harry had even sneaked in some dancing lessons in November, as he did not want to embarrass Draco.

"Don't you clean up nicely," Draco said sounding really impressed, as Harry picked him up, wearing his new dress robes as well.

Harry was certain, that Draco knew where they would go, but he liked that Draco played along.

When they entered the ballroom, he and Draco were looking around in surprise, because it was magical. Like the ceiling at Hogwarts the whole hall had a magicked ceiling but not to display the outside weather, but to let it snow. Ice roses grew beneath each step they took. And even in the Entry Hall they could already hear the music.

Of course they were the talk of the evening. Firstly because Harry didn't go to such events, but secondly was of course his choice of partner. But they tried to ignore it as best as they could. Draco was even able to introduce Harry to some of the purebloods Harry had never heard of.
It was a nice evening, and Harry did enjoy the dancing, because Draco was a fantastic leader, and it felt nice to dance with him.

It was as they left the Ball, that they got stuck in a doorway beneath a mistletoe. Harry grinned at Draco. They had not been overly affectionate all evening due to their company, but now they had a good excuse to kiss. And going by the grin on Draco's face, he seemed to agree.

And they did kiss! And they enjoyed it! And the photo from the next days Prophet was so nice that they decided to frame it.

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Tags: 2020, challenge, fandom, fanfiction, genre: fluff, pairing: hpdm, slythindor100's 25 days of christmas

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