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About me and what you need to know for when you have to write for me

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Partially Friends Only
personal posts on this journal are f-locked (when i think about it... and bother with it, i am a cat that is easily distracted, what can i say?).

that being said, hello there, glad you found my little dreamland where pigs are flying, unicorns are farting rainbows, and cats of course rule the world. i am the cat that is smirking and rather easy to get along with, if i dare say so myself.
feel free to friend me, no need to ask.
i'll friend back if i know you, we have some sort of interaction that i can remember, basically as soon as we have stuff to talk about, and have some fun together!

here we have my list of "About Me"'s. take a look and see if you like what is there. if so, let me know and let’s have a conversation- or just add me as you like.
for the statement and your convenience i will do capitalised letters, but be aware that outside of mod-duties and actual fanwork this convention is not found on my blog, because this is where i reign and that is reason enough.

Transformative Works Statement

Everything I have written or created is fair game for further transformative work, including, but not limited to: podfic, remix, translations, meta, and/or commentaries. My only requirements are that you credit me for the work I did, and send me a link to your work when it's posted. I'd like to be able to brag about it!

I do not give permission for any professional media outlet or for-profit website to link, promote, distribute, or in any way disseminate any of my fanworks without obtaining prior written permission from me.
I do NOT give permission--blanket or otherwise--to collect my works in an anthology or to print physical copies for anything other than personal use. I do not give permission for any individual, group, or organisation to use my works for monetary gain of any sort, including, but not limited to, printing and selling copies of my fiction.

Seriously, just ask me whether something is cool, if it isn't listed above.

If you see something in one of my fics that needs fixing/you want to talk about/you think I should do better in the future/you have an issue with (outside of the pairing), please feel free to let me know!

However, if you don't like the way I ended something, or how I have portrayed a particular character, that really isn't my problem, sorry. I'm not your mother, so you should really be using your own common sense as to whether you will like something I have written. If you leave an amusing comment, believe me I shall be amused.

I am well over 18!

What I will write:
I write slash!
Nearly exclusively with the exception of Lucius/Narcissa and sometimes I have het-side pairings, and I think I have a few het-pairings I kinda can see myself writing, not that it will be really ever done. I am here for the slash! That is what I write, that is what I want.
Kink! Lots and lots of kink! Which, just in case you want a more thorough answer, includes:

  • Dominance/submission

  • Bondage, both light and heavy

  • Punishment, both light and heavy. Yes, this includes spanking, but it can also be heavier, bordering on dark!fic

  • Role-play

  • Power play

  • Knife-play

  • Sensation-play

  • Uniform-kink/ Leather-kink

  • Feel free to ask for a particular kink if it's not mentioned in here, because I know I've forgotten some. As long as it's not on the 'I will not write or read"-list there might be a chance I'm open to it, and persuaded to write it.

Creature-centred. This tends to centre around Veela, werewolf and vampires usually, but I am more than open to other suggestions.
A/B/O dynamics together with creatures and/or mpreg or just on their own does not matter to me
Soulmates with or without markings, for certain with a nice dosage of ANGST
Dub-con. There has to be a reason for it, though. If it's gratuitous, then it just annoys me
Drug use. This includes alcohol and can be either implied or outright use.
Incest, but only if it's in a threesome
Fluff. Generally of the tooth-rotting kind
Angst. Seriously ANGST like all the angst, a lot of Angst even more Angst!</b>

Basically, if it's on the list that I like to read, I'll write it!

What I do not like to read/write.

Main Character death.
Weight gain, stuffing, inflation, feeder/feedee dynamics
Gender-Bender/Transgender, Feminisation of male Characters, Male-making of female Characters/ Race-bending
Femslash for the most part
Incest In a threesome is ok, but just by itself, no. And parent/child incest is a big no, no matter whether they are in a threesome or not.
Extremely young chan. I feel I should probably clarify this one: I know 17 is the legal age in America, but it's 16 in other countries, which includes my country. I will write 16 year old characters being with each other. I will write a 16 year old being with someone older than them. I will not read/write anyone under 16 being with anyone older than 16.
Scat/Golden showers - though there are some fics that make golden showers work, i am not sure i am that good an author to make it work
The Cursed Child. The Fantastic Beasts. because I have consumed neither, nor do I plan to.
Non-magical AU That includes integrating Muggle technology into the magical world. It's canon that that does not work.
Constantly referring to ANY character by their hair colour, eye colour, Hogwarts house, age, height, etc instead of using pronouns/names/actions to show who is speaking. It reminds me of My Immortal and dehumanises the characters.
If at all possible, I prefer British spelling, but I mostly do not care.

What I like to read, in no particular order of preference:

  • Auror/Healer fic. Cliche, I know, but having Draco as a Healer and Harry as an Auror and forcing them to get along... *sigh*

  • Tension!!!! Yes, smut is wonderful, as is PWP, but stick two characters in a room together who refuse to admit their feelings and I will melt :)

  • Mpreg.

  • Creature/ A/O/B..

  • Threesomes. There's particular characters I prefer, which will be listed somewhere else, but a good threesome with plot is always welcome.

  • Kink. I will read damn near anything. Bondage, Dominance/submission, punishment, power dynamics. I've given most kinks a try at least once and find that I like the common ones that a lot of writers can easily write.

  • Hurt/comfort. As long as it's a happy ending.

  • Bonding. Accidental, forced, on purpose, creature. I don't care which it is, bonding is good.

  • Confident Draco. Turning such a strong character into a whining baby doesn't make that much sense to me. Give him his canon confidence when he's grown up, though and it is hot!

  • Draco in glasses. I don't know why, but only him in glasses. Strange, I know.

  • DownOnHisLuck!Draco because somewhere the angst has to come from *smirk*
  • Charlie Weasley being asexual. Pretty self-explanatory.

  • Fluff. Tooth-rotting fluff!

  • Plotty plots. I can and do read PWP, but I much prefer plotty stories that draw me in.

  • Pining. One character who is clueless to the other's feelings. Others can see it, but the clueless one can't.

  • Hit Wizard Draco. I think this stems from me liking him being confident.

  • Desperation. You know that needy, desperate kind of sex you can read that makes you just turn to jelly? That.

  • All the sarcasm!

  • Magical Houses/Things with Character weather it is Grimmauld Place, Malfoy Manor or Hogwarts itself, I like when these places have a will of their own, or the magic to make small things happen or when things like to cause some mischief, which can of course also lead to dark magic.

  • Angst just hit me with it, because you know I like it

  • Psychodrama

  • Gore BUT only if you know you can pull it off, please do not go there just for my sake

The first three pairings in this list are what I read most often. Everything else isn't in any particular order.

  • Harry/Draco it is my OTP but I am taking a break from them for 2019

  • Severus/Draco

  • Harry/Severus/Draco

  • Remus/Draco

  • Severus/Remus/Draco

  • Severus/Remus

  • Severus/Bill

  • Severus/Bill/Draco

  • Severus/Bill/Remus

  • Severus/Ron

  • Severus/Victor

  • Severus/Fred/George

  • Draco/Fred/George

  • George/Draco

  • Charlie/Draco

  • Charlie/Draco/Harry

  • Lucius/Narcissa

  • Oliver/Percy

  • Oliver/Marcus

  • Hugo/Draco

  • Hugo/Draco/Charlie

  • Hugo/Scorpius

  • Draco/Theo

  • Draco/Blaise

  • Draco/Neville

  • Victor/Draco

  • Victor/Ron

  • Blaise/Ron

  • Pansy/Ron

  • Pansy/Neville

  • Blaise/Neville

  • Theo/Neville

  • Draco/Luna

  • Luna/Greg

  • Luna/Ron

  • Luna/Harry

  • Firenze/Draco

Characters in general

  • Draco Malfoy is the character I am fascinated the most, he is such a ever-changing character, according to who is seeing him in what way, and which angle they want to take on him. Everybody can play with him and I like to do the same. One can never do wrong with writing a good Draco for me. Also he just fits every style, which makes him wonderful.

  • Severus Snape... the fascination, the mystery the butchered canon. However I like my Severus still InCharacter. If you can make me see that your version of him is InCharacter for your story/how you see him I am totally on board!

  • In my head-canon Sirius is a womanizer, no matter what, while Theo and Charlie have Asexual vibes for me, but that is just in my head-canon and just here for a bit of trivia.

  • I think that Greg would be an amazing dad! Just because.

  • I am not that into Next-Gen in general, but i particularly am against a “Fathers in a relationship” and “their sons are in a relationship” at the same time; it just hits too close to incest for me.

  • I think Pansy is amazing in all her amazing ways.

  • Ginny/Harry is weird to me... she looks like his fucking mother, and there is only so much Oedipus I can take.

  • Firenze in his mysterious ways is a very seldom explored character which lately has come to my attention

  • To me Harry, Ron and Hermione are like siblings so a pairing of them hits too close to incest for me.

My Hermione Granger Statement
If it happens that you get to write for me, my advice cut her. I don’t like her very much, and I am especially against her relationship with Ron. It is just not healthy, and you have to be extremely good to sell to me that it is. So for a gift, please cut her. If you can’t live with not mentioning her at all, let her move to Australia, and be happy there.
However if you want to still write her portrait her with faults- knowing things by books and doing things, knowing them by practice is not the same. Just because you read 100 books about woodworking will not make you the perfect woodworker on the first try! And that is my biggest issue with her, certainly not my only one.
If you like her that much, and she absolutely has to be in your story I won’t hinder you, it is your story, just so we are clear. This is what I like and think, not what you have to do, obviously.

So, it finally has come to this....

Timestamp of first Posting: January 8th 2019
Edits will be mentioned:
Edit1: January 10th 2019
Edit2: February 24th 2019
Edit3: July 17th 2019

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