smirkingcat (smirkingcat) wrote,

[Podfic:] Shall we decend once more, my Hades

Fic: Shall we decent once more, my Hades by megyal
Reader: smirkingcat
Cover Artist: smirkingcat
Beta Listener: themightyflynn - though my throat is gone and i was unable to take up all her advice, so my strange pronunciation is still there, sorry for the inconvenience, it is solemnly my fault and not hers
Fandom: Harry Potter
Ship: Severus Snape/Draco Malfoy
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: none
Reader's Notes: thanks so much to megyal for giving blanket permission, i hope that despite all the stuff not being perfect, you might still enjoy it! | recorded for podficbigbang
Music: i cut up 4 music songs by Roan Hardiman: Cry of the Celts, Celtic Dream, Firey Nights & Gypsy; THIS IS MADE FOR FUN NOT PROFIT; no infringement is intended, but this music just was in my mind recording it.

Summary: [From the request: Later schoolyears, possibly seventh year | In return for killing Voldemort, Draco is given to Snape, to become his concubine. (Prompt: The Myth of Persephone)

MP3 [81,1 MB, 01:33:14]
Direct download Podbook [131 MB, 01:33:14]
Tags: char: albusdumbledore, char: narcissamalfoy, char: severussnape, pairing: ssdm, podfic

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