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18 October 2035 @ 12:01 am
this list is going to be sorted by paring with the new fics showing up at the end of the list for now and nothing else- because really i cant be bothered to figure out how to sort it best right now (give me some time, and i will come up with some crazy system i'm sure about it)


Harry Potter/Draco MalfoyCollapse )

Draco Malfoy/othersCollapse )

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Harry Potter/Draco MalfoyCollapse )

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banner done by kitty_fic

Fest- Timeline:
Prompting: February
Claiming: March 1st
Works due: April 10th
Posting: May 1st

So please come and leave your amazing prompts!
All pairings, all characters, all verses!
Also please note: the Angst- thing is just a hook for the com (it does welcome dark-fic) but the general definition that is applied for Angst is a moment of tension and each story needs that, right?

Also please if you feel so inclined help spread the word- me as a slash - trio-era writer, mostly has no clue about where to find the het- not-trio-ear people hanging out!
06 February 2017 @ 10:44 pm

its awesome! and perfect and sooo cool!
and yes you totally have to go and leave nice prompts over at SoA and also check out the nice prompt list i made!

Rules and greater Details about the Fest
Fest- Timeline:
Prompting: February
Claiming: March 1st
Works due: April 10th
Posting: May 1st

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29 January 2017 @ 04:17 pm
because omg i'm going there and i'm going to host my first fest ever and please let me not completely bollux it up XD"""

but anyway- lets make room for the shiny banner:
*dusts the floor*

Fest- Timeline:
Prompting: February
Claiming: March 1st
Works due: April 10th
Posting: May 1st

all help, tips and of course PROMPTS and ENTRIES highly appreciated
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28 January 2017 @ 11:02 am
fuck me! i really am stupid
so dear f-list, is anyone doing the "oh that is a nice picture i totally save it to my hard drive- game with hd pictures??

because you remember back in september i posted this post sharing some nice hd-pictures (two of them one a kissing gif the other one with a very nice hung!harry with a lion tattoo)

and i am writing a story to that!
but because me really is i dont know the level of stupidity i have to charge myself with anymore, i did not save those- i saved TONS of others but not those two *headdesks until the stupidity dies*

anyone able to help me, pretty please?
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i was researching something and trying to find a good character look that fits the image in my head and then i found these two amazing gems:

maraudersCollapse )
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27 January 2017 @ 12:00 pm
so i read that a lot of people are more comfortable over at dreamwidth-
sadly i have to say i'm not one of them.
here is the stuff i wonder about- and maybe some folks on my f-list can sent me tips where i can get my information from over? that would be really awesome.

what this cat needs from dreamwidth to maybe come to like itCollapse )

all the tips will be highly appreciated from me!
thank you so much!
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26 January 2017 @ 12:00 pm
ok so this one has a bit of a story, and i know i told it before, but just to catch you up- if you are interested:

why i had to watch twilight *sigh*Collapse )

so to survive watching all of these movies i made a list as i watched them about all that annoys me!
be aware if you are a fan of those movies- then this is not for you to read. i don't enjoy romance movies at all (star was is something special). from the get go these movies didn't really stand a chance with me.
what i will grant them - fair is fair - the wolves animations are pretty neat and nice to look at!

135 reasons why twilight suckedCollapse )
that is all i'm ever going to say about those movies ever again!
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25 January 2017 @ 12:00 pm
so before i go into this, and show you my nice list that i have, let me make one thing perfectly clear: i compare anime to anime! so the manga has nothing to do with it.
i'm also a huge, sailor moon fan! like i watch all the old episodes 200 of them nearly on a yearly basis! and i read the manga way to often because it is that beautiful and i like it that much.
so yes i am not easy to please...

my list - spoilers and opinion included!Collapse )

i really believe that a chance was missed here by first wanting to put too much into too little episodes and by saying "ok we only stick to the manga now and leave the old animation behind". from a marketing point of view i can see why they chose that route, but most of the fans who liked the first anime so much and watched it over and over and shared it with they kids were disappointed or simply though of it as hilarious but not that good. in the end it did not pay of well for them... but these stunts rarely do.
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24 January 2017 @ 12:00 pm
i struggle with this review- a lot
because even after 2 weeks my mind is not yet made up.
overall the movie wasn't that bad. but even sitting in the best places the cinema had to offer, and being excited about it- honestly i was bored a lot during the movie

read with being aware it holds spoilers- because i have no clue what spoilers are, and my own opinion- and boy this cat is opinionatedCollapse )

and yes i know i still have to watch episode 7 *headdesks*
but i figure i will wait for it to be close for the release of episode 8 so that i have it fresh in mind.
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